Tournament Information

Welcome to the 35th Annual No Borders Ultimate Tournament! 

Since its inception in 1985, No Borders has grown in size, competition, as well as spirit. No Borders has established itself as one of Canada’s premier tournaments and we hope that this year’s showing exceeds your expectations. We would like to thank our sponsors and volunteers in helping make this event a success every year. Your generosity and enthusiasm reflects the pride and dedication of the Ottawa Ultimate community. THANK YOU for supporting No Borders!

Best wishes to all participants,

The No Borders Team

Things you need to know:

Parking is $5/day for a full car (4 people or more), $10/day for fewer than 4 people. This applies to all teams and spectators.

Shuttle Service
There will be a free shuttle service from St. Mark's High school, about 5 minutes away at 1040 Dozois Road. The shuttle will run 1.5 hours before the first game slot, every half hour until an hour after the last game slot. We encourage carpooling and using the shuttle to get to the fields as parking is limited. 

Directions to St Mark High School from UPI:
1. Head northwest on Manotick Station Rd 1.5 km
2. Turn left onto Mitch Owens Rd 2.2 km
3. Turn left onto Dozois Rd 130m. There is a FREE shuttle running every half hour starting at 7am from St. Mark's High School at 1040 Dozois Rd
(3 mins away). Please carpool and/or take the shuttle as parking is limited at UPI.  

Observe parking restrictions and DO NOT BLOCK either North or South entrances or the Emergency ambulance entrance to the fields next to the toilets. 
Any car found blocking an entrance will be towed.
Please note parking on Manotick Station Road is not allowed and you will be towed.
Please also respect the speed limits along Manotick Station Road, especially the 50 km/hour through the residential zone.

Delicious BBQ

Delicious BBQ

Big Rig Brewery will be serving up a variety of beer, cider, and radlers! 

Each team will receive their own water jug at the field of their first game. Once a team finishes their jug of water, they can exchange it for a full jug at a Water Station or at Disc Central.

Score Reporting
In person at Disc Central
Text (SMS): 613-898-2427
Twitter: @OCUA / #NoBo19
FORMAT: [Your Team Name] [Your Score] vs. [Opponent’s Team Name] [Opponent’s Score]

Athletic Therapy and First Aid
We have ATs and a physio at the tournament all weekend. They will be available for taping as of 7:45am, but you must bring your own tape. If you don't have your own, it can be purchased for $5/roll.

Tournament Party
This year's party is at Hooley's Pub (292 Elgin St) brought to you by Stella! Come find the Stella ladies rocking Hawaiian shirts to buy tickets for $5 or pay $7 cover at the door.

Come check out No Borders’ two official disc and apparel sponsors: Daredevil Discs and BE Ultimate. There will be shirts, shorts, discs, and many more items for sale at Disc Central. 

For Your Information....

We will be tweeting scores all weekend so follow @OCUA!

Twitter: @OCUA / #NoBo19
General inquiries:

Tournament Site: Ultimate Park Inc (UPI), 1295 Manotick Station Rd, Greely, ON K4P 0B8
Nearest Hospital: Queensway Carleton Hospital, 3045 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON K2H 8P4
Nearest Pharmacy: Shoppers Drug Mart, 5230 Mitch Owens Road, Ottawa, ON K4M 1B2 
Nearest Grocery Store: Robinson’s Your Independent Grocer, 1160 Beaverwood Rd, Manotick, ON K4M 1A5

Volunteers will be onsite and will be wearing yellow or white Volunteer t-shirts. 
If they can’t answer your questions, they can point you to one of the following people to help you out:
No Borders Tournament Director - No Borders shirts  
Dave Brown, TD
Team: Rachel Young, Jessie Walker, Alex McCardle, Chris Keates, AInsley Shannon
OCUA Executive Direction: Chris Castonguay

Observers - in orange Ultimate Canada Observer shirts
Jeffrey Blair, Kandace Terris, Tommy Chang, Yee Fun Wong

If you require an ambulance, please dial 9-1-1 and alert a volunteer immediately. 
The address for UPI is 1295 Manotick Station Road.

Ultimate Park
1295 Manotick Station Rd Ottawa, ON K4P 0B8
1. Head northwest on Manotick Station Rd 1.4 km
2. Turn left onto Mitch Owens Rd 4.7 km
3. Continue onto Bridge St 1.2 km
4. Turn right onto Manotick Main St 350 m
5. Turn left onto Bankfield Rd 3.9 km
6. Merge onto ON-416 N via the ramp to Ottawa 14.2 km
7. Take exit 72, Regional Rd 32/Hunt Club Rd 450 m
8. Turn left onto Cedarview Rd/Ottawa Rd 23 2.1 km
9. Turn right onto Baseline Rd/Ottawa Rd 16 E 400 m
10. Make a U-turn at Valley Stream Dr
Destination will be on the right 110 m
Queensway Carleton Hospital
3045 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON K2H 8P4

3 long consecutive horns signify that lightning has been seen. Immediately seek shelter at Disc Central or in your car.
All persons will gather under the 40’x20’ Disc Central tent or take refuge inside vehicles until the lightning danger has passed. We will be following the OCUA standard protocol for lightning: the “30/30 rule”. Games will be delayed if the time between a lightning flash and the ensuing thunder is less than 30 seconds. Games will resume only when 30 minutes have passed since the last nearby lightning flash/thunder. Players will be notified at least 15 minutes before games are scheduled to restart.

• Spectators and equipment must stay at least 3 yards away from the sidelines. Where there are buffer lines, respect them. Chairs, coolers, strollers, you, etc, must be at least three yards from the sidelines.
• Observers and Event Staff reserve the right to move or remove objects or spectators from on or near the playing field if those conditions are, in the opinion of the Observers or Event Staff, unsafe for players, staff or spectators or interferes with the Observers of a game.

Portable toilets will be located at Disc Central, at the entrance, and by the entrance to the back fields (fields 18 & 19). It is critical that no diapers or any other foreign material be disposed of in the portable toilets.

Garbage and recycling bins will be located both at Disc Central and between select fields. Please keep the fields clean by ensuring that all of your bottles, wrappers, and banana peels find their proper homes.

PLEASE USE THE APPROPRIATE WASTE/RECYCLE BIN. One wrong move could mean the entire bin of recycle goes to a landfill.

Dogs are allowed at UPI, but must be leashed at all times. Please be prepared to clean up after your dog.

Facility, event staff, and security will be checking to make sure people are following the site rules as outlined above. If you are caught violating these rules you will risk being barred from the facility, team/athlete disqualification, vehicle towing, or other potential ramifications outside of the event. Thank you!


• USA Ultimate, Official Rules of Ultimate, 11th Edition
Rule Modifications:
• End Zone Size - End zone length will be shortened to 20 yards.
• Contact Rule - in effect
• Gender Ratio - For coed games, 4 males/3 females or 4 females/3 males, A7.3. PLEASE NOTE: Still under discussion is whether we will implement the new Ratio Rule A guidelines (explanation). More info to come.
• No timeouts after the Hard Cap horn.

70 mins on Saturday, 90 minutes on Sunday. 
Games are to 13 points on Saturday, 15 points on Sunday. 
• Half is taken when one team reaches 7 points or 40 minutes has elapsed (Sat), 8 points or 50 minutes (Sun).
• Hard time cap: Horn blown after 70 minutes on Saturday and 90 minutes on Sunday of game time. Game is over at the end of the point in progress, unless tied. If tied, play one more point (note a point has started immediately after the prior point was caught).
• Half-time is 5 minutes. 
• Each team has two timeouts per half, not longer than 90 seconds each.
• Teams arriving late: Points are forfeited at a rate of 1 point per 5 minutes by holding seven players on the line. After 40 minutes, the game is forfeit with a score of 8-0.

1 long horn signifies one of two things, as is context appropriate:
- The beginning of a new game slot.
- That the game has reached Hard Cap. Once you hear this horn, finish the point and the game is over unless both teams are tied, then play one last point to determine a winner.
3 long consecutive horns signify that lightning has been seen. STOP PLAY immediately and seek shelter at Disc Central or in your car. Consult the lightning section found earlier in this document.

W-L within current pool; W-L among tied teams; +/- among tied teams; Points for among tied teams; +/- within current pool; Points for within current pool; Disc flip (boat race also acceptable)

A limited number of Observers will be present at No Borders. 
Game assignments will be made by the Head Observer. Requests can be made at Disc Central but are not guaranteed.
Please avoid sideline encroachment and keep all people and gear clear from the sidelines at distances requested by your game’s Observers.

For more information about Observer Duties click here.

No Borders 2019 will continue its tradition of encouraging spirited play by using SOTG scoring sheets. The sheets (adapted from WFDF) break down SOTG into different components to provide more informative feedback for teams. The data (broken down by category) will be tallied and publicly available after the tournament on the website. Click here for more information. 

ln the summer of 1985, Marcus Brady and Brian Guthrie announced the “First Canadian Ultimate Frisbee Invitational” (subtitled that first year as “No Borders Ultimate”) held at the RA Centre on Riverside Drive on August 17/18. 

The organizers prioritized creativity and organization: blow-up toys for field markers (ducks, dogs and floaty rings), hot-dogs on the field, tequila shots at the Captains’ Meeting and “Pass the Pigs” to settle disputes.

Six US teams, Ottawa and North Bay showed up. Held in the middle of the second hottest and driest summer on record, Brady was up to his organizational best, including hounding the RA Centre and the city to water the field with trucks just before the first pull.

Needless to say, that first No Borders was a hit and has since become one of the longest running ultimate tournaments in Canada.