Spirit of the Game is the heart of Ultimate and defines the characteristic of our sport. With no referees, Ultimate relies on the Spirit of the game, placing the responsibility of sportsmanship and honorable play on the players themselves. 

For evaluation, the competing teams will use WFDF's Spirit of the Game scoring sheets to rank their opponents based on 
  • Rules Knowledge and Use
  • Fouls and Body Contact
  • Fair-Mindedness
  • Positive Attitude and Self-Control
  • Communication.
Filling in the scores is a team effort. We advise each team to have a Spirit Captain who is in charge of the evaluation process and submitting the score-sheet to Disc Central. Keep in mind that the baseline in each category is "good", which equals a 2. Anything "better / worse than" a regular game will be scored as accordingly. 

  • Teams will receive two scoring sheets (one for each day). 
  • After your last round of play of the day, return the scoring sheet to the Head Scorekeeper at Disc Central.
  • Spirit Captains return the SOTG score sheet to Disc Central and receive a free beverage ticket valid for a beer, cooler or pop, while quantities last.
Spirit of the Game
2019 Spirit Winner: BAMBOOZLE!!!