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We are happy to announce that the following teams have been awarded bids to No Borders 2014.

OPEN (16)
Borderline (Maritimes)
Demon (Montreal)
Distracted (Hamilton+Ottawa)
Firebird (Ottawa)
Goose (Kitchener-Waterloo)
Grand Trunk (Toronto)
Iron Crow (Ottawa)
Magma (Montreal)
Maverick (Kitchener-Waterloo)
NADS (North Bay)
NSOM (Montreal)
Phoenix (Ottawa)
Quake (Québec)
Red Circus (Halifax)
ROY (Toronto)
The Forgotten (Toronto)

Ignite (Ottawa)
O.T.T. (Ottawa)
Révolution (Sherbrooke)
Team Québec (Montreal)
TORO - A (Toronto)
TORO - B (Toronto)
T-Q (Québec)

Eclipse (Ottawa)
EXO (Sherbrooke)
Lily (Toronto)
Lotus (Toronto)
Mystik (Montreal)
Nova (Montreal)
Polaris (Montreal)
PPF (Waterloo)
Qarma (Québec)
Salty (Halifax)
Stella A (Ottawa)
Stella B (Ottawa)
Storm (Montreal)
Team Québec Junior Women (Montreal)
Tempest (St. John's)
Terra (Toronto)
TORO (Toronto)
Wicked (Ottawa)
X-Squad (Montreal)


Animals (Sherbrooke)
Crash (Kitchener-Waterloo)
Force (Barrie)
GLIDE (Ottawa)
HUSTLE (Ottawa)
Local 613 (Kingston)
Quest (Québec)
Raft (Ottawa-Gatineau)
Skerj (Hamilton)
Thunder (Kitchener-Waterloo)
T-REX (Trois-Rivières)
Undertow Ultimate (Durham)
Wendigo (Waterloo)
Zen (Toronto)

Bonesaw (Ottawa)
Frisbro's (North Bay)
Learned Hand (Ottawa)
Misflicks (Ottawa)
Mixed Bag (Ottawa)
Soulless Taxicab (Ottawa)
Those Guys (Ottawa)
You Only Lay Out (Ottawa)


The Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association is pleased to announce: 
The 30th annual No Borders tournament will be taking place July 26-27th! 

It’s the 30th edition of Canada’s longest running ultimate tournament and that calls for one epic celebration! With 6 divisions and 19 beautiful, luscious Ultimate Park (UPI) fields, we’re out to prove that this tourney just gets better with age! Besides the main event, there will be showcase games, side-events including a Freestyle competition, and many more surprises! In honour of the past 30 years, this year’s No Borders will have a historical theme that pays homage to the development of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. The competition will remain fierce and as usual, No Borders will be the perfect primer for teams looking to play at CUC in Waterloo. Bids will be awarded closer to the event date; we want the best teams competing!